The Web Miracle – A Web Design and Development Company launched in Canada specializes in Invoice Management service.  With our proficiency of 15 years, we believe in delivering advanced quality work to our clients with time value. Our professional and devoted team of software developers make every effort to satisfy the various requirements of our clientele.

The Web Miracle Invoice Management is your one stop invoice management solution. Creat invoices faster, more accurate, fully compliant and automated is not only critical for the procurement process, it is good for your business. The Web Miracle Invoice Management standarizes your accounts payable processes across the organization. Tedious, manual paper-based tasks are completed automatically through invoice data capture. No more redundancy, errors are minimized or eliminated. Preset approval paths speed workflow. Customized rules and fields input the correct banking, shipping and other data right on the invoices. It’s simple to use and easy for people use it.

Finance has a better handle on cash management, vendors are paid on schedule and reports are ready for the auditors. Procurement scores again.

With Invoice Management, you can:

  • Easily and Quickly create markets and qualify potential suppliers.
  • Collect, organize, analyze and transform massive quantities of complex bidding data into information you can use to make solid business decisions.
  • Collaborate with your business stakeholder’s across different business units, regions or continents to make the best decisions for your organization.
  • Reconcile against order and receipts.
  • Manage & Track Expenses.
  • Account Stakeholder Collaborative
  • Capture Invoice Electronically

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